Reducing Team Conflict: Know your different personality types!

There are several characteristics of successful teams. One such characteristic is diversity in team members. Diversity in culture, background, age, and ethnicity are important for high performing teams, but so too is personality diversity. Knowing the different personalities on your team can help in reducing team conflict.

Reduce Team Conflict: Know your different personlity types!

Good leaders know how to build a powerful and diverse team by hiring different personality types. If properly managed, there can be great energy harnessed from team members’ different personality traits and you will find that team conflict will become less of problem to deal with.

We all see the world from our own unique perspective. When we join a team, we bring our unique perspective to the team environment. So called “Good, normal, unique or bad” personality traits within a team can offset and build on each other to create diverse thoughts & growth. Rather than ask each team member to conform to a group norm, leaders must recognize and utilize personality differences to ensure high performance. Different personalities don’t mean there has to be team conflict. Valuing and appreciating differences can create a powerful team.

Studying and recognizing different personality types can help you work more effectively with your peers or staff so fewer team conflicts occur. Learning more about your own personality traits can help you understand your own weaknesses & strengths. Learning about others’ personalities can help you view situations from a different perspective which often enhances creativity, teamwork and communication. Click here to take a free Jung Typology personality test from Human Metrics.

This video really gets to the heart of the matter. If we can all appreciate each other no matter what our differences are, we would enjoy being on diverse teams. If this Orangutan and Hound can get along despite their great differences, there is great possibility for human beings. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!!!!


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