You can now teach your kids HOW TO RESOLVE CONFLICT at a young age- for FREE!

I love it when I can find tools to help kids learn how to resolve conflict. I wished I would have learned about conflict resolution when I was a kid. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of reading and training on how to resolve conflict.

Kids not only play together, they argue together. Kids fight over toys, friends, games, and food. So it is important for parents to teach your kids how to resolve conflict before the arguements get too bad. Now there is a new computer game that teaches kids how to resolve conflict in the classroom and on the playground in a positive way without fists and fights. It helps them learn how to solve bullying or school violence if these issues should occur.


The game, called “Cool School: Where Peace Rules” is designed by a team of teachers, government mediators, scientists and computer game developers & animators. The game helps kids think about what happens in an acutal episode and gives them tips on how to resolve conflicts. The kids can learn while having fun. It also helps kids make good decisions. Here is how the game works:

Animated objects come to life and depict common conflicts. Kids practice on how to settle arguments. Players have the option of threatening their peer, telling their teacher, just forgetting about it or they can talk things through. The players will be rewarded for choosing positive solutions to resolving conflicts.

You can download it HERE for free. I couldn’t believe this game didn’t cost anything. If you have children under 7, this game is for your family! Enjoy. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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