Hi! My name is Cathy Morrey and helping people manage conflicts is my passion! I have a variety of Services that I offer. I mediate two-four individuals (teams, business partners, couples or families) to resolve a conflict and come up with an agreement that works for all parties. I coach couples who want to improve their relationships and resolve conflict. I also coach new couples on how to get really clear on what they want in a relationship and help them work through new disagreements/relationship challenges. Besides coaching couples to manage conflicts, I also work with individuals and employees to resolve conflict as well. I can also teach a variety of trainings to help staff and managers get along better so they can be more productive.

When I was younger, I didn’t know how to communicate what I needed or be fully expressed in my relationships. I grew up in a family who was good at expressing conflict but didn’t exactly know how to manage conflicts This made some of my earlier relationships a challenge for me. After a few failed relationships, I decided to learn all that I could about how to communicate effectively so I would have better relationships with the people who are important to me in life.

I created this website so I can share conflict resolution tips/solutions and provide support for people. With over 16 years of training and coaching in the areas of conflict resolution and communication, I would love to assist you. I am not afraid of conflict so helping people resolve conflict is a joy for me. Feel free to bring any communication or conflict challenge from your personal or work life and I can help you!

I also have many tools and important resources to help you! Feel free to download free resources or comment on my blog posts. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to click the “like” button on my Facebook page as well so you can get short weekly communication and conflict resolution tips.

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