Dating Coaching- To help you with the challenges of dating!

Most of us long to share the joys and challenges of life with a loving and caring partner, but often repeat the same mistakes in our relationships. We often choose incompatible or unsuitable partners or we run from love & intimacy when we find it. Sometimes it takes just one or two conflicts or disagreements and we are OUT OF HERE!!!

Couple Dating

Singles dating support is designed to give you the tools and insights to breakthrough your old patterns. This process will allow you to design your relationship different than any you’ve been in previously. You will learn how to respond to differences, conflicts or disagreements. A “difference” doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is over!

We can also work between the gap of where you are in the dating process and where you want to be. You create the results you would like to achieve and the coach is your support and guide. I have many years experience in this area, so I would love to support you!

Resolve This Conflict provides coaching for individuals who want to:

  • Have extra support in dealing with the challenges of dating!
  • Have support for breakdowns in your new relationship.
  • Start dating again even though you might be afraid or resigned.
  • Have dating be a fun and learning experience
  • Be very clear about the qualities that what you really want in a partner.
  • Stop attracting the same kind of people who are not a match for you.
  • Start attracting people who are inauthentic or not compatible.
  • Be more authentic in your relationships-be more of your real self.
  • Work through your fears about rejection when dating.
  • See if your current dating partner is in your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime.
  • Create a profile of the person you want to “attract” to come into your life.
  • Create an extraordinary relationship unlike any from your past.

Couple Dating


  • Learn how to resolve conflict in a new relationship
  • Being aware of roadblocks and thoughts that are keeping you stuck.
  • Clear Relationship goals and commitment.
  • Being able to distinguish between your fear and your essence in relationships. Notice when fear stops you and how you can return to your true essence.
  • Being able to share yourself authentically and not worry about always saying the right thing or “looking good.”
  • Be in action in designing your extraordinary relationship.
  • Create conditions of satisfaction in your relationships.
  • Take risks and learn from them.
  • Grow and learn from the dating/relationship experiences and have fun!
  • Create peace for yourself by not being attached to the outcome.

Online Dating Coaching

Create ease and fun vs conflict and struggle with the online dating process!


  • Create an exciting and authentic ad that fits YOU!
  • Submit pictures that express the real you.
  • Tell the truth when people respond to you.
  • Learn how to set boundaries, decide when to see or talk to the person, and know when to move on.
  • Discover how to deal with possible games or inauthentic e-mails when people become afraid.
  • Learn how to date more than one person if you choose to do so.
  • Learn to not take things personally if someone doesn’t respond to you or when the dating ends.
  • Discover how to grow, learn, and have fun while dating online.
  • Learn to put yourself out there to increase your chances of creating an extraordinary relationship.

Sessions can be done over the phone or in person. Fees range from $75-$125 per session (sliding fee scale)

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