Many people prefer to try resolving a conflict or communication breakdown on their own first. If you choose to go down this path, you can hire a Coach to support you in this process. It usually takes from 4-12 sessions to help you learn new tools, insights, and coaching to help you resolve your issue. With this process, only one person is involved. This process can work if a person is really committed to learning new tools and doing what it takes to help resolve conflict. The following results can be possible out of working with a Coach:

Individual Coaching

  • · Gain courage to communicate with difficult people now.

  • · Learn tools to deal with conflict.

  • · Enhance your communication skills.

  • · Gain more ease with addressing conflict.

  • · Ask for what you want or need and set boundaries.

  • · Gain the courage to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

  • · Be able to listen to their side of the story.·

  • Come up with Win/Win solutions to the issues/problems.

  • · Create conditions of satisfaction with people who you interact with on a regular basis.

  • · Learn to have more compassion and forgiveness for people’s humanity without giving up your values or standards.

  • · Distinguish between love or fear when interacting with others.

  • · Notice what it costs you to stay in fear or defense mode.

  • Learn to complete interactions with people who no longer seem to be healthy for you or those who are going on different paths in life. Both of you can be left empowered.

Prices vary from $75-$125 an hour. Sliding fee scale

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